Advance features

Compressed backups

To enable compression support just uncomment the options under [Compress] category inside main configuration file:

#Enable only if you want to use compression.
#Enable if you want to remove .qp files after decompression.(Available from PXB 2.3.7 and 2.4.6)

Encrypted backups

To enable encryption support uncomment the options under [Encryption] category:

#enable only if you want to create encrypted backups
xbcrypt = /usr/bin/xbcrypt
encrypt = AES256
#please note that --encrypt-key and --encrypt-key-file are mutually exclusive
encrypt_key = VVTBwgM4UhwkTTV98fhuj+D1zyWoA89K
#encrypt_key_file = /path/to/file/with_encrypt_key
encrypt_threads = 4
encrypt_chunk_size = 65536
decrypt = AES256
#enable if you want to remove .qp files after decompression.(Available from PXB 2.3.7 and 2.4.6)
remove_original = FALSE

Partial backups

It is possible to take partial full and incremental backups. The idea is, to take specified table(or database) as full backup, then to take incremental backups based on this one table. You can achieve this by enabling partial_list option from config file:

#optional: set pid directory
pid_dir = /tmp/MySQL-AutoXtraBackup
tmp_dir = /home/shako/XB_TEST/mysql_datadirs
#optional: set warning if pid of backup us running for longer than x
pid_runtime_warning = 2 Hours
backup_dir = /home/shako/XB_TEST/backup_dir
backup_tool = /usr/bin/xtrabackup
#optional: specify different path/version of xtrabackup here for prepare
#prepare_tool =
xtra_prepare = --apply-log-only
#optional: pass additional options for backup stage
#xtra_backup = --compact
#optional: pass additional options for prepare stage
#xtra_prepare_options = --rebuild-indexes
#optional: pass general additional options; it will go to both for backup and prepare
#xtra_options = --binlog-info=ON --galera-info
#optional: set archive and rotation
#archive_dir = /home/shako/XB_TEST/backup_archives
#prepare_archive = 1
#move_archive = 0
#full_backup_interval = 1 day
#archive_max_size = 100GiB
#archive_max_duration = 4 Days
#optional: warning(enable this if you want to take partial backups). specify database names or table names.
#partial_list = test.t1 test.t2 dbtest

Run it and notice that backup command has changed (see --databases option for xtrabackup command):

In the same way you can take incremental backup of specified tables.

The prepare process is the same as ordinary prepare, just run autoxtrabackup with --prepare option.

Decompressing and Decrypting backups

We took Compressed and Encrypted backups. It is time to prepare them. autoxtrabackup will prepare all backups automatically, by first decrypting then decompressing step-by-step. All backups first will be decrypted then decompressed and then prepared. You can also optionally enable --remove-original option to remove .xbcrypt and .qp files from backup directory during prepare process. Read about this option here -> –remove-original

autoxtrabackup with –dry_run option

For testing purposes or just to show what is going on, with autoxtrabackup backup and prepare steps. You can append --dry_run option, to show commands but not to run them. Taking backup:

$ sudo autoxtrabackup -v -lf /home/shahriyar.rzaev/autoxtrabackup_2_3_5_6.log -l DEBUG \
--defaults-file=/home/shahriyar.rzaev/XB_TEST/server_dir/xb_2_4_ps_5_7.cnf --backup --dry_run

Preparing backups:

$ sudo autoxtrabackup -v -lf /home/shahriyar.rzaev/autoxtrabackup_2_3_5_6.log -l DEBUG \
--defaults-file=/home/shahriyar.rzaev/XB_TEST/server_dir/xb_2_4_ps_5_7.cnf --prepare --dry_run

The end.